Tried and true...  and for the most part free!

Featured site of the week....  Super site for teachers!!  Lesson Plans included!!

 This list will always be incomplete - and an ongoing listing of some of my favorite sites!  Make this a "favorite" and check back often.

Teacher and Educational Resources:

For classes in English, Social Studies, Health, Sciences and the Arts!!  Join the millions of K-12 Teachers using this site to enrich and enhance their classes by using selected films!  Slight cost of $11.99 per year.

Business Resources:

Don't take chances with your new business - minimize any risks by incorporating or forming an LLC.  All the info you need to make the right decision.  Good prices for the services provided.

Cash in on coupons available online

Check out sites that have special deals...  look here from secrets also

Restaurant coupons and gift certificates at a discount - purchase them at a great discounted price.

Online shopping business that you own - Savings each time that you shop and a way to earn income when you invite others to shop online also.

Personal & Business Skill Improvement: Brain teaser puzzles and games.  Mind aerobics! Games and more from the AARP Magazine. Fun, games and puzzles for the senior set. No need to look further -  this is what we have all been waiting for: Open Courseware from MIT.  MIT has made all their courses available - for all - for free!!  Its entire 1,800 course curriculum will be available on-line by the year's end.  Similar offerings are available from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Tufts University and some other 150 universities! 

The World's Best Cheese Cakes and Other Gifts: Harry & David's food gifts & baskets are the best! By far the best chees cake to be had!! Himalayan Salt - the energy of life!  Key Ingredients to Achieve Balanced Energy - Good gift site or just the few things you need for yourself. If you like E-Bay this place goes for half the price -- check it out!

Great Travel Aid Sites: Self-explanatory....  All the latest on super values and news about what is new and special! Need to compare - Help with knowing - the best time and season to travel! Upgrade information. Blog style site with up-to-date leads and perspective.  Pin Points the roomiest seats on each type of aircraft. The ultimate source for airplane seating, in-flight amenities and airline information.

Great Vacation Sites: A Caribbean Island in the Florida Keys! The International House Hotel in New Orleans - a super destination.

Personal Financial Help:  Under federal law, you can get a free report from each of the three national credit reporting companies every 12 months. To request your credit reports online use this site. Check out your Charitable choices - to be certain the organizations are legit and give the bulk of their money to their mission.  Document your donations for tax deductions. Check out your Charitable choices - to be certain the organizations are legit and give the bulk of their money to their mission.  Document your donations for tax deductions. Or call 1-888-77-3406 to sign up at any time to register your phone numbers on a "Do Not Call" registry.  Once you are on the list expect to stop receiving telemarketing calls in 30 days.  Registration is valid for 5 years.

Helpful Medical Information Sites:

Trusted health information. A service from the U.S. Library of Medicine and The National Institutes of Health.  A comprehensive health information portal.

Info on drugs, insurance and health for the 50 plus and all other ages as well

The government's most comprehensive listing of  info on public health and communicable diseases.  The Center for Disease Control.

Provides info on support groups and clinical trials from the American Cancer Society.

A government site providing clinical details about every type of cancer and the latest treatments.

News of the latest research, provides nutritional information and even recipes.

Featuring an online heart and stroke encyclopedia.

Lists available experimental treatments.

General information about the American Academy of Family Physicians.

A health library from The Department of Health and Human Services.

A foundation sponsored site geared towards children's health and adolescence; a special area for teens.

Online tools to assist in making treatment decisions.

A partnership among medical societies to foster doctor-patient communications; includes a good on-line medical library.

A for-profit news and information service with interactive activities.  



Photo & Video Resources:

A phenomenon of a site!  Addictive! Owned by Yahoo - share and have your prints made. This site has countless ways of having fun with photos and ways to organize them. A must see site!!  Flickr is free up to 20 meg. of photos each month.

Want to have fun with your videos - dynamic site to do just that!  Don't miss out on the skills that you can gather at this site.  Free - add-ons may coat some.  i find it easy to accomplish what I want for free here and then load it to for further manipulation or down load.

Great value site for all your photo projects and great ideas.

Technology Aids:

This site just never stops giving!!

This site answers all my questions. It is a tool that will put a lot of geeks out of work by providing all the best answers and the best tools for help with all the questions..

Create your own social network!

Microsoft's great deal for anyone with a .edu e-mail... MS Office 2007 for $59.95

Need Answers... This place has great tips and ideas for you. Learn, discuss, and get free consumer electronics help from knowledgeable community members about TVs, MP3 players, DVD players, and more.

Writing Resources:

Interested in getting published - here's the place to start!!  Hints about publishing, jobs, and best of all a great resource for the top proof-reading hints and resources.

From DL Nelson - a blog that fits its title. 

Craft Products or Projects: Great gluing product for those temporary situations. Need to repair - this product does the job

Brain Aerobics:

Free daily crossword puzzles.
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