Setting Goals
Energy and Persistence conquer all things!




 Obstacles are those frightful things that you see when you take your eyes off the goal.

You are successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal.

Goal Tips:

  • Be sure your goals are your own. Whose life is it? Do what means most to you. Self-set goals are the best motivators!

  • Write your goals. This helps to lessen the odds of losing sight of your goals and it increases your commitment.

  • Aim high - provide a challenge - but make your goals realistic and attainable.  Good goals are never  too easy or impossible. They will help you grow. 

  • Goals should be as specific and measurable as possible. Don't say, "I want a better job." Ask yourself: What kind of job? Making how much money? In what industry? Living where? Requiring what kind of skill? By when? Be specific with what you want this will save an enormous amount of time and effort.

  • Every goal should have a target date. Never think of a goal as a goal until you set a deadline for accomplishment.

  • Check your major goals for compatibility. Don't create goals in conflict with one another. 

  • Frequently revise and update your goals. As a growing person your needs will change over time, and this means goals will have to be modified, discarded and added from time to time. 

  • Plan flexibly. No goals should be carved in stone.  We all change.





















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