Free Products for Your Computer!!

Keeping your  computer  in "Shape" is a piece of Cake!!


The following is a list of sites that have Freeware Programs available for you to use on your computer. 

  1. Zone Alarm - Fire Wall Protection

  2. Eudora - E-mail Client with SpamWatch

  3. Pop Up Stopper - Control pop-up ads

  4. Spybot -  Spyware eliminator 

  5. AdAware - Eliminate SpyWare - Our favorite

  6. RegAlyzer - Registry maintenance 

  7. FileAlyzer - Analyze your files

  8. WinAmp - Audio Player

  9. IrfanView - Image Viewer & Converter 

  10. Avast - Anti-Virus Software

  11. Grisoft - Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware - Highly acclaimed!

Read carefully the manufacturer's directions on how to download each program. 

We are not responsible for these products and any effect that they may have on your particular computer.  For questions about individual programs contact the manufacturer. 

We recommend and use these programs. If you have any comments or other suggestions: Contact us by E-Mail:  JOANS followed by @ (formatted to foil Spam Bots!)

Or use our handy Contact form.